My Pledge to You:

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist

By working with me, I will:

Recognize that a move can be both physically and emotionally draining for seniors. I agree to serve as a proactive fiduciary in simplifying the process and mitigating the uncertainty.

Acknowledge that while senior clients are equipped and capable of making well informed decisions, I will adeptly navigate consultations with family, friends, attorneys and other experts when necessary.

Understand that helping transition a senior client from one living situation to another often involves the assistance of many parties. I agree to maintain a team of resources made up of trusted professionals.

Embrace both the transactional and the relational aspects involved in helping senior clients transition to a new living space.

Commit to being a student of all issues related to senior housing in my market.

Commit to treating every senior client as a unique individual and not be influenced by assumptions and stereotypes.

Look forward to serving as an active advocate, educator, and voice in my community regarding senior issues.

Berdene 2023